I want to disable two blocks for a certain view. I have tried "Show block on specific pages >> All pages except those listed" using the machine name and the view URL with no luck; I tried Drupal Context still no luck. May you please assist?

I have looked at Exclude a block from specific parts of the website with the Context module, but the answers there didn't help.

These are the details for the view I am using.

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If the view path is /all-albums then try entering all-albums in the block under Show block on specific pages: All pages except those listed, not the full url or the machine name.

  • Kudos, Thank you. I was using /all-albums all along Jun 8, 2013 at 21:45

You do not have to use context menu for this thing.It comes out of the box Here it goes which may help you

Use "All pages except those listed" and put the view url let say you do not want to show it on view page with url as abc and other view page with url as pqr ,so after selecting " All pages except those listed " radio option in the text area below it out the both views page url as follows


try clearing the cache,though it should not be the reason its not working.

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