My site is running slow and I suspect its a module, but not sure which one. Is there a module that can display all the sql queries being run on a loaded page? If there isn't maybe there is a command line tool that others use to monitor this data?

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There is better query log we can get from mysql log( more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6479107/how-to-enable-mysql-query-log )

It shows real mysql queries with real values while the Devel's log shows placeholders.

So to get log of a page shutdown Mysql server, add the "log=" line in my.ini and restart the server then do the page load and then again stop the server and comment the log command.


The Devel module has a query log option, which when enabled will show every query that's been run for a request at the footer of the page.

You can enable it at admin/config/development/devel once the module's installed.

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    Seems this is no longer available in D8. – Randell Jul 31 at 5:46

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