I have Drupal 7 Commerce core installed and configured manually. Not kickstart.

Currently after completing a Commerce checkout (Paypal Express) with an anonymous user, I get redirected back to the "Checkout Complete" page. The page gives a link to Review My Order, but it asks for login details which I do not have since it was an anonymous checkout.

Is there a way to auto login the user after the Successful Checkout?

  • It doesn't seem worthwhile to copy-paste the entire process, but there's detailed instructions here
    – Clive
    Commented Jun 10, 2013 at 17:05

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In short summary to the link Clive posted in case if it ever gets deleted on the interwebs:


Step 1 - Make sure Anonymous checkout is checked on. (Permissions > Access Checkout)

Step 2 - Make sure Commerce Immediate Login module is enabled: http://drupal.org/sandbox/simongeorges/1676742

Step 3 - Add a User Login Action to the default Commerce "Create new account for anonymous order" Rule (Configuration -> Workflow ->Rules)

--- rules/reaction/manage/Create a new account for an anonymous order

Step 4 - Click Add action > Login User (under system) > type "account-created" > SAVE

Step 5 - TEST!

  • duckx Your answer + this module make great functional for Drupal site))
    – OnengLar
    Commented Oct 16, 2013 at 22:36
  • Hi oneng, can you explain your recipe? Also if the module makes the password optional, does it generate a random password for the user? And how would they login then if the password is optional. Commented Oct 18, 2013 at 16:11

Simplest may be to edit the checkout completion text in Store > Configuration > Checkout and remove the relevant link.

A user account is created for the anonymous order after checkout by Commerce.

The user gets emailed a login link and they can check their order details directly by clicking a link in the email there.

This way, you can verify their email address prior to login.


These days, a module with an official release is available as an alternative to sandbox project in your own answer. I.e the Commerce Checkout Complete Registration module. Some more details about it (from its project page):


It's about having a way to choose or not, for the Guest customer, if (s)he wants to register.

  • Create new pane for the "Complete" checkout page.

  • This pane has 3 settings (for now) : password required (boolean), account creation email notification (boolean) and the text to be displayed for this pane form.

  • The pane will contain a button form + extra elements as the settings say.

  • On this pane form submission:

    • an user account will be created and set as the current user;
    • the order will be assigned to the new user;
    • a Rule event will be invoked (with order and user objects);
    • the user will be redirected to its order history page.


This module could be used togheter with Anonymous checkout option of the Commerce Checkout Redirect module.

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