I am trying to add multiple checkbox. My requirement is how can you travel the place with

  1. Plane
  2. Train
  3. Bus
  4. Ship

One can select all the four above options. For that I added a new field Travel Details , field type Boolean , Widget Check boxes/radio buttons . From Drupal CCK

I made Number of values equal to 4 . But I am getting only two fields, also without their names ! How can I able to make this content type to behave like normal HTML checkboxes with their names ?


A Boolean field/value can only store True or False. What you need is a List (text) field with Check boxes/radio buttons widget.

Then put


in the Allowed Values list.

You can set Number of Values to 4 but I'd set it to Unlimited just in case you add more allowed values and forget to update the number of values.

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