Is it possible to do this? I can't see any permission I can grant for roles. I want to let a user create other users, but only of a specific role.

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See the Role Delegation module for this feature.


I used this logic to get such a functionality in a project. and i hope it will be helpful to you.

function custom_module_name_perm(){
  return array('create specific role user');

function custom_module_name_menu(){

  $items = array();

  $items['custom-user'] = array(

     'title' => t('User Account'),

     'page callback' => 'drupal_get_form',

     'page arguments' => array('user_register_form'),

     'access arguments' => array('create specific role user'),

 'type' => MENU_CALLBACK


function user_register_form(){
    $form['mail'] = array(

      '#type' => 'textfield',

      '#title' => t('Email Address'),

      '#size' => 25,

      '#required' => true,

      '#weight' => 10,


    $form['name'] = array(

      '#type' => 'textfield',

      '#title' => t('Username'),

      '#size' => 25,

      '#weight' => 20,


    $form['pass'] = array(

      '#type' => 'password',

      '#title' => t('Password'),

      '#size' => 25,

      '#weight' => 30,



function user_register_form_submit(&$form, $form_state){

      $values = $form_state['values'];

      $save_user = user_save('', $values);

      $load_user = user_load(array('mail' => $values['mail']));
      $rid = <your role id>;
      db_query("INSERT INTO {users_roles} (`uid`,`rid`) VALUES (%d, %d)",          $load_user->uid, $rid);


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