I have a field on a content type which is an optional override for another field. I want the value to only be either 0, 1, or empty, the last meaning "no override". What field type should I use for this? I was looking at a select list for a good user experience, but I was unable to get empty as a value in the list.

I also need another field that can only have values "img", "txt" or "". How should I accomplish this? I want to avoid having users type in "img" or "txt" in case they misspell it.

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    I asked about similar thing and I'm in (damn slow) process of making a module for it. Just FYI. There is no ready made tri-state control in Drupal now, except lists with 3 values (or not-required ones with 2).
    – Mołot
    Commented Jun 12, 2013 at 7:00

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Select lists have always the option None if they are not set as Required. That said, you can create a List (Text) field with select list widget and set only two options, 0 and 1, and you will get the None option automatically.

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