A client has asked me to enter a graphic header (really a sub heading) on a site. This sub-heading graphic would fit nicely, side aligned into the header or leader region inside our subtheme based on Adaptive Theme.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to best approach this.

1. Do I use Context based on Path? That is should I detect the path in Context and use one reaction to place an image into the header or leader region. I'm assuming I'd have to code about 12 HTML blocks. Though this doesn't exactly sit right with me.

2. Use CSS logic Since I insert the first path level into the body class, should I add a div to the header region called #sub-graphic and use the following CSS logic:

body.sub-section-alpha #sub-graphic {background-image: url('image-alpha.jpg');}
body.sub-section-beta #sub-graphic {background-image: url('image-beta.jpg');}

3. Other, better option Am I not seeing a simpler way.

Caveat: I'd prefer a non-php solution but I am comfortable inside theme functions.

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The simplest solution that Drupal provides. You can create 2 blocks with images. Than set visability on different pages. This is it.

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