I am creating a "submitter" user role which should be allowed to post articles as different users - what permission do I need to set for this on the "Permission" page under "People" to grant access to the "author" field?

If thats not possible is there a module for it?

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That would be Administer Content. Be careful with this, because the permission provides a lot more than simply control over the node Author identity.

The alternative would be the Masquerade module, which would allow the user to pretend they were a different user, and post content as that user. A little more involved for the posting user, but safer for your site.


Override Node Options module is what you need :)

The Override Node Options module allows permissions to be set to each field within the Authoring information and Publishing options field sets on the node form. It also allows selected field sets to be set as collapsed and / or collapsible."

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