I have 2 roles on my site. I created 2 pages and corresponding links through which each of the roles will register.

I want to prevent users from using the default user registration menu ("create new account") by either deleting it or hiding it. Also i want to prevent users from being able to visit user/register.

Please how can i achieve this?


Use hook_menu_alter() to remove default registration page from menu system. Simply unset($items['user/register']); and clear menu cache.

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I think, there is no need to use hooks or any module for it.

Follow below steps:
1) Go to Account settings(admin/config/people/accounts)
2) Under REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATION > Who can register accounts
3) select Administrators only
4) Save configuration
5) Go and check

However, I would like to have feedback from community if I am missing some use-case here where its must to use module/hook.

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  • I'd say yours is generally the simplest solution, but it sounds like the OP wants to allow anonymous users to register, just not from the user/register page. So in that case, hook_menu_alter is what's needed. – Kelley Curry Feb 10 at 23:42

The easiest option is to use Tab Tamer to hide any tabs you don't want.

Tab Tamer is an administration utility that provides easy re-ordering, hiding, and deactivation of tabs and subtabs. You can also rename tab labels.

Then use hook_menu_alter() to either disable the path, or redirect any requests to another page.

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  • If he'll disable path via hook, why would he need a Tab Tamer at all? As far as I know tab would disappear anyway if path is removed. – Mołot Jun 14 '13 at 9:12
  • You are completely correct. I totally spaced on that! Thanks for pointing it out :-) – Chapabu Jun 14 '13 at 9:13

You can add path alias in Pathauto (admin/config/search/path/add) ;)

Existing system path: any/page
Path alias: user/register

This is simplest solution, but has one disadvantage: the url in the browser is still user/register despite the fact that user is on other page.

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Go to Configuration menu and account setting,

You can find Who can register accounts?

You select administator only..

That's all..

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