While looking to the Cron Status Tab, I can see this information above every cron channel :

Last run: 14/06/2013 - 02:00
Last execution time: 597s (Shutdown: 597s) (Avg total: 307.16s, Max total: 834s)
Execution count: 137

What does the Shutdown seconds stands for ?

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The documentation surrounding that variable is pretty much non-existent. This is how it's calculated, in elysia_cron_completed():

time() - $cron_completed_time

Where $cron_completed_time is a global, presumably a timestamp indicating exactly when an associated cron job ended.

I'm afraid you'll need to infer exactly what that timestamp is from the above; I think it refers to the gap between when a cron job was completed, and the time it was logged in the database.


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