I am building a Drupal 7 website, and I noticed that you can install a facebook-like chat. This made me wonder if it is possible to implement something related to notifications that works something like Facebook. I simply want the notification "bar" to tell me if a user is posting a comment on my website, or if a new user has signed up. At this moment I just get an email about users trying to sign up.

I looked at the Notifications module for D7, but I am not sure this is what I am looking for. Or maybe I just don't know how to use it.

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You may be looking for Heartbeat module:

Heartbeat displays user activity on a website. This module is an API to log activity. The logged data contains message structures, attributes and variables. Once the activity messages exist in the database, they will be parsed and build into activity streams.


Heartbeat has global configuration for display, message template configuration and stream configuration.

  • nice .. this is just what i am looking for!
    – Sillo
    Commented Jun 25, 2013 at 17:39

Since you already get a notification when users sign up, for comment notification you can use Comment notify module

Notifies administrator (site_mail) of new user registrations. Starting with Version 1.2 you can now define both the address it goes to and the subject and messages emailed. Starting with 1.8 you can get emails when someone updates their profile as well. Starting with 1.11 you can use actual profile pieces not just a list of them all. Example if you have a profile_name you would insert in the template !profile_name and the value of profile_name will be inserted.

Any other notifications can be achieved using rules

  • Thank you very much for your fast and accurate instructions! Is there not a way to make the notifications display on the website (like fb) instead of getting them on a email?
    – Sillo
    Commented Jun 14, 2013 at 10:24
  • I am afraid I do not know any way of doing that without having to write a custom module. The module that come closest to it are prowl and push notification modules. But they are used for pushing notifications to Phones
    – 4life
    Commented Jun 14, 2013 at 10:33
  • Ah, thanks alot. The best alternative i found is "user notifications" but its only for D6> . anyway i will have to do with this method.
    – Sillo
    Commented Jun 14, 2013 at 10:37

You should go for Message module which is an advanced module for messaging and notification and maintained actively.

Message module is Drupal 7's answer to activity-streams and a flexible Messaging & Notifications system.


The combination of Rules, Messages to Block and Menu Badges modules does the trick.


You could use the Menu Badges module for such notifications, which you can add to any menu item and/or menu tab of your choice. In your case something like "New comments" seems like one, out of a few, appropriate menu item (or menu tab).

Here are some details about it (from its project page):

Provides a method for adding iOS-style badges to menu items. (see screenshot)

enter image description here

Adding Badges to Menus

Once enabled, go to Administration > Structure > Menus, and click "list links" next to the menu containing the target item. Click "edit" next to the item and select the badge to display with the Display Menu Badge select box.

Adding Badges to Tabs

For adding badges to menu tabs, there is a tab under Administration > Structure > Menus called "Tab Menu Badges". Search for the menu router path of the tab you want to alter, then select a badge from the corresponding select box.

Badge Types

The module includes five example badges, and new badges can be created easily with Views. Modules can also supply their own badges with a hook implementation. See the README.txt file for details.

Because of how it integrates with the Views module, by using this integration you basically reduce the solution for any type of notification to something like "Just create an appropriate view of it".

However, there is a small caveat: if you really want the actual number (shown in the red circle) to be accurate, make sure you have some field in your view that will actually correspond to the "new" part of your question. To better explain this: have a look at the "tracker" view (disabled by default), which has the field "Content:Has new content" (or variation: "Content:Has new comments"). This is a perfect field to use if you want to use Menu Badges to get notified whenever there is new content (or variation: new comments).

If you don't have such "new" indicator, then you basically have 2 variations to get around that:

Video tutorials:

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