Somehow the settings of directories in the configuration of IMCE (7.x-1.7) is pointing to <root>/. which lets met start in the private_files directory but not in the (public) files directory.

I couldn't figure it out where to change this. I tried to set a path to the public files directory with <root>/.. but Drupal would not allow me.

The settings under Home>Administration>Configuration>Media is set to: Public file system path: sites/default/files Private file system patch: sites/default/files/private_files

Anybody having a clue ?

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Create a new IMCE profile from


Don't forget to add the Permitted file extensions and Directories while creating the IMCE profile.


Please do check the required permission , specially for Apache user, ie www-data as this is the user which operates on behalf of the server. If you want to check whether it is a permission or some other issue, you can use the following command ( For temporary basis and not on production) to change the permission of files directory.

sudo chmod -R 775 /sites/default/files/


sudo chown -R root:www-data /sites/default/files/

In place of root, use your usernamem who is the main owner of the directory or

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