What's the best approach at adding a node above a view. Right now i'm using the views html (before) to add 3 links to pdf's and some text.

I'm not interested in using panels; primarily, because the content has to appear below the view header.

Would it be best to add each file as nodes and join the view with a relationship?

  • how does the node you want to insert after the view header relate to the view?
    – Rick
    Commented Jul 22, 2011 at 21:20

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Change the page view to a block view and add the block to the nodes in the content region.


As NMC said, views attachment is probably the easiest solution, to attached a view to your node.

You asked to display a node above a view. Depending on your arguments of your view, the easiest way is to use Attaching Display.

In your view:

  • Create a new display called Attachment.
  • Change Attachment Settings -> Position: Before.
  • Change Attachment Settings -> Attached To: to the view you want.
  • (Optional) Override and change the Style settings -> Row Style: from Fields to Node (maybe also have to override Style settings -> Style to unformatted before).

Views Attachment Display

  • This did exactly what I wanted. I would never have thought of this display type. Thanks! Commented Aug 6, 2011 at 0:36

If the information you want to insert before the view is in a node, you can add a Views Attachment to your Page View so that the attachment View is rendered not on top of the Page View but within, below the Page View header.

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