Is it possible to use data indexed in Solr as the data source for a specific view? I already tried installing the search api, search api page, entity api, ctools, search api solr and the views api.

I already created a server and an index which uses solr:

enter image description here

But the only fields that I get are node fields:

enter image description here

I'm expecting to get the fields from documents that I indexed in Solr. How do I do that in Drupal, is there a specific module that would allow me to make use of the fields that already exists in Solr as the fields for a view?

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All you need is Apache Solr Views module.

This module provides Views implementation for the Apache Solr Search Integration Project 7.x-1.x branch. Requires Views 3.

This module will provide facet navigation combined with searching to make a powerful user experience.

After installing this module, you can able to create a Apache Solr view, which list all the fields which are available in the indexed documents in the solr.

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