I have the User IP Log that displays the logged data using a default view defined in the module; when the module is disabled, the view page becomes broken, throwing PHP warnings and notices.

I would like to disable the default view when the module defining it is disabled, to fix the PHP warnings I get. Is it the right way of handling this? If it is so, what API could be used for disabling the default view defined by a module?


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hook_disable() is what you are looking for:

Perform necessary actions before module is disabled.

The hook is called every time the module is disabled

Remember to do inverse actions with hook_enable(), which is used when a modules is enabled, install hooks don't fire when a module is re enabled.

Also if you need to track enable/disabling of another module you can use hook_modules_disabled() and hook_modules_enabled()

(it looks like you found it, but adding an answer for others is always good).


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