Just now i've discovered that my operator was entering many times organization name prefixed/suffixed with a space. For example " Microsoft" or "Microsoft ".

That is causing problem when this value is being passed as contextual arguments in the views with this space character making a difference.

I need help as to how I can trim already fed in text and secondly store only trimmed version of text.

I could only find this useful page about this issue.

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To correct all those values entered into the database already, I'd suggest doing a mysql trim on those values and resetting them. Make sure you backup the tables first of course, but something like this should do it (if your field name is field_text_test):

UPDATE field_data_field_text_test SET field_text_test_value = TRIM(field_text_test_value);
UPDATE field_revision_field_text_test SET field_text_test_value = TRIM(field_text_test_value);

After you've run those statements, do a flush all caches on your drupal site.

And then to avoid this happening again, you could use the Form API Validation module which adds a trim filter on fields.

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