I'm following along with Pro Drupal 7 Development by Apress (page 321) and using it as a guide to create a module that searches a legacy database of pages I've yet to import into a drupal install. I'm also using the API as a guide as well.

Everything works except for the number of results returned by dynamic query. What happens is, despite having PagerDefault and using a limit of 10, only 1 item shows up on the page. I can switch the number to any number and it's still 1.

I know for a fact there are 240 items that should be returned. And, indeed my pager list 24 pages (24 pages of 10 results). Again, however, there is only 1 result per page for a total of 24 results.

Here is my function:

function searchharvest_search_execute($keys = NULL) {

    // Set up and execute the query
    $query = db_select('search_index', 'i')->extend('SearchQuery')->extend('PagerDefault');

    $query->join('url_data', 'ud', 'ud.id = i.sid');
    $query->searchExpression($keys, 'searchharvest');

    //If there weren't any results return a blank result set
        return array();

    //If the first pass returned at least 1 record execute the search
    $found = $query->limit(10)->execute();

    //Create the search results output
    foreach($found as $item){
        //get found items from db
        $note = db_query("SELECT url, stripped_html from url_data where id = :sid", 
                array(':sid' => $item->sid))->fetchObject();

        $results[] = array(
            'link' => $note->url,
            'type' => t('searchharvest'),
            'title' => 'my title ' .$item->calculated_score, 
            'score' => $item->calculated_score,
            'snippet' => search_excerpt($keys, $note->stripped_html),

        return $results;

Thoughts on where the error is? Here is a photo as well with the query 'print_r' 'ed at the top

enter image description here

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The return $results was inside the foreach loop, which stopped the iteration, hence only 1 result.

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