In Drupal 6, I was able to use a Row Style Fields template and create variables to arrange and print later i.e.:

foreach ($fields as $id => $field) {
  if ($field->label == "Phone") {
    $f_phone = $field->content;
print "<h2 class='content'>${f_phone}</h2>\n";

Then I was able to use the variable $f_phone in other places in the template. This does not work in Drupal 7. I am instead getting variable not found errors.

How would I do this in D7?

  • it depend what means 'other place' if you want print it out somewhere outside the row - it's impossible, because it's a template of a single row. You can do whatever you want with the field within the row, not outside. – Jack-PL Jun 19 '13 at 21:28

I figured I would reply to this question since I figured out an answer. Don't know if this is the best way, but it works.

If you use the views-view-fields.tpl templates, you can skip the loop and directly list and style your fields ie:

print $fields['title']->content; 
print $fields['field_location']->content; 

**the code above is inside your php tags

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