Like this website, I want to make a slideshow of you tube videos as done in LATEST VIDEOS section.

In order to achieve this:

  1. I created a view of content type Video (in my case), added the field which has the video in the field's section.

  2. To have the same videos as pager, I added the video field in the pager. But there is no option to resize the video to a smaller size so that it can be used as a pager.

  3. And lastly, videos are also not getting displayed as expected in case of "SLIDESHOW" formatter, vertical list of videos is getting displayed.

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Follow these steps

  1. Install and enable these four modules:[

    Views Slideshow

You're also going to need a single file that contains a JQuery slideshow script. This will need to be uploaded manually.

Visit link Click the Download the Cycle Plugin link. It's hard to spot so i had highlighted it on the image below:

enter image description here

Download the file which will be called jquery.cycle.all.js Access your site files. Browse to the /sites/all/ folder. Create a folder called /libraries/ so that the path is /sites/all/libraries/ Create a folder called /jquery.cycle/ so that the path is /sites/all/libraries//jquery.cycle/ Upload the jquery.cycle.all.js file into that last folder.

enter image description here

Step 2: Views

We're going to create our slideshow using Views.

Go to Structure > Views > Add new view. Check Create a block Choose Slideshow for the Display format Choose 1 for the Items per page

Click Add. Select video. Click Apply (All displays).

Check the box which says Exclude from display. Click Apply (All displays).

Find the Format area on the left-hand side of the Views page. Click Settings next to Slideshow.

Scroll down to the cycle options. Click Apply (All displays).

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