Anyone had this? I have a custom content type and I want to give an option to attach an image from a list of predefined images (in my case - a list of product series logotypes). The admin interface would be a simple dropdown of logotype labels:

- None -
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3

How would I then process the selection and convert it into a real image? What would be the best practice here?

Regards, Artur

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These are general guidelines as I made something like this but for D6. I would create a logotype variable in template_preprocess_node and then loop on you dropdown variable. For each value selected I would add an <img src='path/to/logo1.png' alt='Logo 1' /> to your logotypes variables.
Then just display the variable in you node template.


Here you go:

    $logotypes = array(
        'dropdown_key1' => '[path_to_image_1]',
        'dropdown_key2' => '[path_to_image_2]'

   foreach ($element['#object']->field_logotypy['pl'] as $logo){
        print "<li>" . $logotypes[$logo["value"]] . "</li>";

This is placed in field--field_name--content-type.tpl.php. In the admin form, the editor selects a logotype name from a dropdown, which has predefined keys as in the $logotypes array. The values on the admin side will be the paths to actual logotype images.

What I don't like about the code is the hard-coded 'pl' language index used here. I assume though, that with some more reading I will be able to figure out how to address it better - the logotypes are actually not language-dependent.


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