My D7 content type has a field for an MP3 file. I want the field to display as an image which the user can then right click to download the file ie like this. My field template file looks like this:

var_dump($items) =

<div style="border:10px solid violet;padding:4px; margin-bottom:10px">
<?php var_dump($items); ?>

print_r($form) = 

<div style="border:10px solid maroon;padding:4px; margin-bottom:10px">
<?php print_r($items); ?>

<div style="border:10px solid orange; margin-bottom:20px">    

<?php echo $items[filesize]; ?>
<?php echo $items['filesize']; ?>
<?php echo $items["filename"]; ?>
<?php echo $items['url']; ?>
<?php echo $items['uri']; ?>

<div style="border:10px solid green;margin-bottom:20px">
<a href="<?php echo $items['url']; ?>"><img src="/download.jpg"></a>

The result is here. Can anyone please tell me why the orange box is empty / not printing out, and the correct syntax re the green box to make the image link to the MP3 file URL instead of the page URL?


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I think your are printing wrong the array $items. It should be something like

print $items['#file']->filename;

The same is happening with the image issue.


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