As an example, the hook_search_execute function returns the following array:

$results[] = array(
      'link' => url('node/' . $item->sid, array('absolute' => TRUE)),
      'type' => check_plain(node_type_get_name($node)),
      'title' => $node->title,
      'user' => theme('username', array('account' => $node)),
      'date' => $node->changed,
      'node' => $node,
      'extra' => $extra,
      'score' => $item->calculated_score,
      'snippet' => search_excerpt($keys, $node->body),

'link' and 'title' are required and the others are optional. However, what if I wanted to add my element to the array like 'photo' and then have that available in the $search-result.tpl.php file?

Whe I add that element to the search results array, I indeed see it when I do a dump of $variables in _preprocess_search_result(). If it's available there, then how to I make it available as <?php print $photo; ?> in search-result.tpl.php?

  • If a variable is added in the preprocess function, it should automatically be available in the corresponding template. Jun 22, 2013 at 4:41

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According to template_preprocess_search_result you have the $result variable available, so if you've already injected your custom field into the result you can just use

print $result['photo'];

In the template file.

Or if you're absolutely set on just having a $photo var, you need to add it to the variables for the template:

function MYMODULE_preprocess_search_result(&$vars) {
  $vars['photo'] = $vars['result']['photo'];
  • 1
    so $title, $snippet, etc are predefined somewhere in the system, and elements from that array are not assigned dynamically? I was hoping not to make the assignment twice, but if this is the way to go for extra $variables we'd like to show up in the existing template files, I'm happy with that. Thanks!
    – blue928
    Jun 23, 2013 at 2:54

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