In the node type page I've added one Integer field "field_article_rejected". When in rejected stated it contains 1.

But when a registered user changes and "Saves" it I want to set the value of it to 0.

Also the registered user does not have read/write permission on this field. But if needed I can give the user permission for this field but I'll hide it in "Display fields"

How to do it?

I'm working on Drupal-6.

To explain what I'm doing: I've created an article directory. So an user will log-in and create an article type of page. So now this page will be shown as "Submitted articles" block using views.

But as an admin when I reject it then I want this article to be shown under "Rejected Articles" block to the user. So I want to use field "field_article_rejected". When 0 it means user has sumbitted and when 1 then it means rejected by admin.


You create a custom module that will include hook_form_alter(). Something like this:

function MYMODULE_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == 'article_node_form') {
    global $user;

    if (in_array('admin', array_values($user->roles))) {
      //admin role is not a default role
      //do nothing
    elseif (in_array('authenticated user', array(values($user->roles))) {
      //remove editable field and replace it with a label
      $form['article_field_rejected']['#access'] = FALSE;
      $form['article_field_rejected_label'] = array (
         '#type' => 'item',
         '#default_vale' =>  isset($field['article_field_rejected']['#value']) ? $field['article_field_rejected']['#value'] : '0',
    else {
     // For everyone else disable field and do not display it
     $form['article_field_rejected']['#access'] = FALSE;

If you don't replace the field with a label, then the use can still alter the value by editing the browser.

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I assume you're already using the Content permissions module and have only enabled edit field_article_rejected to the appropriate role, let's use content admin.

Now, we're going to use the Rules module to reset the field back to 0 each time the node is saved by a user that does NOT have the content admin role, most likely the owner.

Label: Reset article rejected
Event: Content is going to be saved

Add a condition

Select condition to add: User has role
User: Acting user
Negate: (checked)
Select role(s): content admin

Add an action

Select an action to add: Populate a field
Content: Saved content
Field: field_article_rejected
Article rejected: 0

It only takes 5 minutes to configure a rule. No custom module needed, no code whatsoever. :-)

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You need to create a custom module that implements hook_form_alter within this you can target your form by $form_id then within that you can use something similar to below:

global $user
if (in_array('registered user', array_values($user->roles)) {
  $form['field_blah'][0]['value'] = 0;

Your $form structure may be different.

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