Is there a way to expose selected node fields so that they are directly editable when the node is being viewed?

I want visitors of my site to be able to type some context into a text area, select relevant taxonomy terms etc. In other words, to do what you would normally be able to do in node-edit mode.
My node is also a Commerce product display. I need the users to input their data, also select their relevant product information and submit all on the same page.

I installed the Edit module, but I couldn't find how to expose the fields for editing.

How can I achieve what I am trying to do?


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Yes there is a module which can enable this functionality - Editablefields.

Module page says itself --

This module allows CCK fields to be edited on a node's display (e.g. at node/123), not just on the node edit pages (e.g. node/123/edit). It also works within views etc. Anywhere a 'formatter' can be selected, you can select editable (or click to edit).

I have used this module for edit fields at views not at node, but I am sure you can achieve your requirement.

  • Thanks. It works but it has limitations. It doesn't expose the title for one
    – sisko
    Jun 27, 2013 at 20:07

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