I installed and enabled the Taxonomy module, created an Event content type, and a "International Competition" node of that type. I want to apply the tags senior, male, and annual to this event.

I can't figure out how to do this. I've tried reading the documentation for the Taxonomy module but can't figure out where in the CMS I am supposed to associate tags to a node.

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The steps to follow to be able to use a vocabulary with nodes of a content type are two:

  • Create the vocabulary, if it doesn't exist, on admin/structure/taxonomy.


  • Associate the vocabulary with the content type on; for example, for the Article content type, the page is admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields.

    • Add a new field, using "Term reference" as field type.


    • Click the "Save" button, and select the vocabulary that is used for the taxonomy terms that will be added.


    • Change the settings in the page that appears after you click on the "Save field settings" button.

This is different from Drupal 6, where the form to create (or edit) a vocabulary also allowed to select which content type should use that vocabulary. In Drupal 7 is changed, as a vocabulary can be associated to other entities, such as users (see admin/config/people/accounts/fields) and vocabularies (see admin/structure/taxonomy/forums/fields for the "Forums" vocabulary).



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