I have a basic shared hosting account and don't want/plan to upgrade anytime soon. Unfortunately, my site has been subjected to large scale attacks by spambots that have lead to the generation of thousands of spam comments and users. I would like to delete these, but deleting them in batches causes the server to crash, every time. What should I do to avoid these crashes?

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Try setting up a View with VBO.

  • Add a new users view
  • Add a bulk operations field to the view
  • Add a "Delete item" operation to the field settings
  • Configure the field settings to process "1" per batch
  • Add any other required exposed filters.

That will delete one user per batch run until finished, so should be fine on your server.

  • I installed the Administration Views module (drupal.org/project/admin_views) - this replaces the users listing page automatically and allows filtering too.
    – bcosynot
    Jun 29, 2013 at 18:00

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