The question is can I render wiki features in my website which is to be made with Drupal.For e.g if I make a website with tons of features how can Wiki feature be made functional with Drupal.If no should I make new themes.


To allow contributors to easily link between multiple pages, check out the Freelinking module.

To enable simple plain-text formatting, check out the Markdown module.

To allow editing subsections of text individually, check out the Edit Section module.

To automatically generate a Table of Contents for each node, check out the Table of Contents module.

To move comments to a separate page (similar to the Wikipedia "Talk" pages), check out the Talk module.

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  • +1 I am looking for the same as OP, so this helped somewhat. BUT, (disclaimer: I am a Druapl n00b and don't even have my first site yet), while Freelinking will let a user link to existing pages, it does not seem to allow to to create a new page. I am not sure about OP, but I want something like my_site.com/wiki with all the wiki pages under that and editable/creatable by any registered user. Any ideas? Thanks. – Mawg says reinstate Monica Sep 23 '11 at 3:15
  • @Mawg: Freelinking lets the site admin choose how to handle links to pages that don't exist. From the Freelinking README.TXT: "If no node so titled exists, the link will attempt to create the node and present the user with the node creation form, with the title already filled in." – smokris Sep 24 '11 at 5:58

Have you tried http://drupal.org/project/wikitools ?
Drupal have a native revision system, so this is an essential part of a wiki.
Can you describe a little more what kind of features you're expecting ?

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I'm working on a similar project and I make use of following combination

  1. Installed the profile Corporative Site, as it contains the the rich text editor - "CKEditor" and the image upload option with IMCE preconfigured.
  2. Enabled the "book" module which is a part of drupal core from admin/modules, as it contains the most of the wiki features by default.
  3. Installed ACL and Content Access to give appropriate access to the types of users like - Administrator, Author(The one who will be responsible to add a book page), and Authenticated user(will just see the page and comment.
  4. And created a sub-theme by following this procedure.
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