I am working in Drupal 6.22 and want to know if anybody knows of a way to get tokens working with the AutoMenu module? Its become a bit of an issue from a usability perspective and want to have this working with my breadcrumbs (using menu_breadcrumb).

For instance I have the ability to create multiple galleries, which fall under /media/galleries/[gallery-title-raw], and the breadcrumb reads accordingly as Home > Media > Galleries > [gallery-title-raw]. It would make sense then for individual photos (photo node) to fall under its parent gallery. So when a user navigates to the full node for the photo, the breadcrumb should read: Home > Media > Galleries > [gallery-title-raw] > [photo-title-raw] and a hidden menu item for the photo is automatically created.

Here's hoping that someone out there found a way to make this work :)


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The Custom Breadcrumbs module integrates nicely with tokens and allows for per content type breadcrumb trails. If your photos are linked to your gallery via a nodereference or something else that already has a token, using Custom Breadcrumbs would work without any coding. If you are using a gallery solution where the photo content type doesn't have a token for the gallery it is associated with, you will have to implement the Token module's hooks to add that data as an available token for use in Custom Breadcrumbs.

  • Hi Chris, thanks! I'll take a look at Custom breadcrumbs and see if it can do what menu_breadcrumb does, plus the little extra bit I require. Trying to looking through the code to see if I can perhaps submit a patch.
    – Shalan
    Commented Jul 26, 2011 at 21:33

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