I am using Omega / Delta / Context on my local environment and created a sub-theme with omega-tools. I want to add more regions to the footer section. I want the regions to be similar to that of Postscript One-to-Postscript Fourth.

Im not sure if ill be able to explain well in words, hence i have taken screen-shots of what i intend to do and what am i doing to get it and the output. http://pho.to/2qA1P (Sorry for the external link, i don't have enough reputation yet to share more images)

How do i want the layout: I want the regions Footer Links One, Footer Links Two, Footer Links Three, Footer Links Four to appear between: Footer First and Footer Second. In this order:

    Footer Zone        Column Count: 12 Cols
    Footer First       Width : 12 Cols
    Footer Links One   Width : 3 Cols
    Footer Links Two   Width : 3 Cols
    Footer Links Three Width : 3 Cols
    Footer Links Four  Width : 3 Cols
    Footer Second      Width : 12 Cols
    Footer Zone

and i have accordingly changed the region Weights and Widths in above regions, under Zone Configuration.

However, in the actual result the Footer Links regions are not displayed within Footer First and Footer Second regions.

Strangely, when i created a Delta and applied it to a Path with Context, i get the output exactly as i intended.

Please help me on how to fix this.

Alternatively, i was thinking to get Footer Link regions under a separate Zone and place 2 new zones above and below this zone with regions Footer First and Footer Second. Not sure if this is the correct way.

Kindly help. Thanks.

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This issue has been resolved.

What i did to resolve the issue:

I had to setup the Zone in the sub-theme settings first. So i went to the sub-theme settings and assigned Weights from 0-5 for Regions Footer First uptil Footer Second.

Once this was done, the changes were reflecting properly.

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