In Drupal, I can define a Advanced Action in Administration>Actions , but the available options do not have a Send REST request option, how do I achieve what I want?

In my case, I want my remote service to know about a new node is being created, so I need to send the nid to my service.

I've thought of one dirty hack though, which is to use Redirect to URL and send my request through URL:

enter image description here

My server will receive the data it needs(which is the nid), and redirect the user back to their content using [node:id].

But like I said, this is more of a hack, is there a proper way of doing this?


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I think the Rules HTTP Client module will suit you:

This module adds an action wrapping of drupal_http_request to use Rules for making http requests. It has many general uses, because the Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the foundation of web data communication.

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