I have a requirement to add a calendar to my Drupal 7 website. Currently the Calendar module has an alpha version. This is a little subjective, but I was wondering if the Calendar module is stable enough for my needs. Are there alternatives?

  • Calendar is stable enough to use. We have it deployed on several live sites already. – user842 Jul 26 '11 at 15:34
  • ok, thanks for the feedback. Personally i've just installed it. Did what it said on the tin. I'm not using in production. But it felt fairly solid – frosty Aug 13 '11 at 18:03

Well, in my recent experience is not yet ready to production, but it depends on your needs. Maybe most of this is because the "partner" module, date, has lots of issues now. I suggest you test both: Calendar and FullCalendar. The Calendar module is more powerful and flexible, but if you need a simple calendar, FullCalendar is ready to go now.

  • FullCalendar really is worth a try. I think I'll chose it over Calendar. FullCalendar looks much more native to me. They also have a good documentation available. – leymannx Sep 29 '15 at 7:57

The Calendar module is being rewritten from scratch, see Calendar 7.x-3.x. There will be no upgrade path.


There also is Bootstrap Calendar. But it doesn't seem to be ready for production yet. At my first simple test I didn't got it going with the default settings.

  • It looks like it's ready for production now, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. – davidneedham Jul 7 '16 at 18:46

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