I want store owners to be able to offer node access to people who purchase their products.

The only problem with this, is when I give the permission "Create and edit NAP" to the developer/store owner role, it gives the permission to ALL nodes.

I've looked for a setting to change this, so that it is only for nodes who have the same author as the current logged in user, and I'm not seeing a way to do this anywhere.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a different module to accomplish this? Should I custom code something?

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Can you give more detail on the problem and your setup. For example what is a store owner, is this just and administrator of a single site or do you have many store owners on one installation, for example some kind of marketplace?

What do you mean by node access? you want customers to buy a product and then be able to view or edit it.

What version of ubercart/drupal are you using?

If the scenario is you have only one store owner per site and you want a customer to purchase a product and then have view access to a specific node I would look into using the following modules

  • node reference / entity reference - create a reference to a node from a product
  • content access - this allows fine grained permissions for individual nodes or for content types etc
  • Rules - create a rule that after successful checkout grants permission to the node that is referenced on the product

You just need to configure the Content Access Module:

  1. Download Content Access: https://drupal.org/project/Content_Access

  2. Enable it

  3. Edit your node content type and go to "Access Control"

  4. Uncheck the user role for "View any [content_type_name]" and below that check the user role for "View own [content_type_name]" only.

And you're done.


I had to restrict this by modifying the module and adding a setting.

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