• I am rendering Name Tags for thousands of content nodes in one content type called “Cadet.”
  • Each of these "Cadet" nodes specifies a single "Attendee" for an upcoming event.

The situation:

  • Some attendees also need name tags printed out for their “friends” who are attending "with them."
  • That is no problem—these “friends” obviously need their own node with the same fields to get their own name tag, so I distinguish that they are a “Friend of an Attendee” with a simple checkbox.
  • To link them to the Cadet nodes they are attending with, I used an Entity Reference field.

The sorting order / grouping problem:

  • When rendering the view, I need these “friends of attendees” to appear “right after” the attendee they are going with.

The final question:

  • Using relationships, how could I get the Views module to sort the friends of attendees "right after" the attendee they are going with? There seems to be a need for "grouping" in this relationship, but after three days of trial and error, I cannot figure it out.

I am technically using the Views PDF module, but it has the basic Views functions, so if it's possible with Views, it will probably be possible with this module.

In this link, I've provided my settings in a compiled high resolution image with explanations on what I have done so far. If anyone would be able to direct me on the right path, I would appreciate it very much!



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