I have a node with field_order_status field(not required) in list(text) type and radio button widget and I want to update a node(nid:95) but my sample JSON PUT content(application/json) throws Status 406 Error:

{"form_errors":{"field_order_status][und":"An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator."}}

my content is:

        "value": "1"

sample url:


Services 3.4, Drupal 7.22

Notes: When I tried replacing und with other values like 'en', it accepts but not updates, refer to drupal 7 + services 3 - inserting nodes with select fields

And Devel page vars dump: enter image description here

What would be missing?

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What Services version do you use?

Since Services 7.3.4 we deen to set Cookie & X-CSRF Token on header for every (PUT/POST) execution

Please check this comment too https://drupal.org/comment/6491362#comment-6491362


I don't think it's an issue with X-CSRF Token because the error send by server will be different.

But Drupal expect a value like "payment_to_valid", "order_shipping", "checkout_login" or "Pending".

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