• I am having a menu built using taxonomy terms which links to a URL pattern like shop/[Term name] this is a dropdown menu.
  • I have created a panel page which takes an argument in the URL i.e (shop/!argument).
  • In the panel I have added a contextual filtered(has Taxonomy term) view and checked "send arguments" option in settings.
  • so obviously the taxonomy term display page is where I land when clicking the links.
  • I don't want to use the taxonomy term panel or the views page for taxonomy which comes with drupal core itself.
  • I want my panel page to override the taxonomy term display page this is only for two types of vocabulary terms, any ideas how?

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Have you tried this tutorial? http://drupaleasy.com/blogs/ultimike/2010/10/taxonomy-term-pages-steroids-using-panels-views

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