Here is my issue. Which is similar to Scott Edmond's question here Context Filter with Path Alias in URL

Scenario: I am trying to create a page view that will display content by Content:Title which is part of the node's url.

I have 3 content-types : "Movies" "Books" & "TV Shows" Each Content-type has URL Alias of [node:content-type:machine-name]/[node:title]/[current-date:custom:Ymd]

I successfully created a view called movies with a filter on content-type movies that displays all Movie posts with www.example.com/movies/ in the url

E.G. if I make a post called "Star Trek is Great" with the Content Type of Movies, I get the url www.example.com/movies/star-trek-great/20130713

If I click on the post in the Movies view, it displays the content on a node.tpl.php page

I added a Contextual Filter called "Content:Title" using Scott Edmonds suggestion: Contextual Filter for: Content: Title ). When filter is not in URL -> Provide Default Value -> Raw Value from URL -> Path Component=2. Use Path Alias=Checked. Then, When Filter Value is In URL: Specify Validation Criteria= "PHP Code" with the following PHP code: $handler->argument = str_replace("-"," ",$argument); return true; That did the trick. the PHP code converts the dashes to spaces so it can be evaluated correctly. –

saved the View and Cleared Cache

The result is that when I click on the "Star Trek is Great" post link I am taken to the correct url "www.example.com/movies/star-trek-great/20130702" but the node.tpl.php page is the template that gets displayed instead of my views-view--movies.tpl.php template

When I copy the title and paste it into the url, as "www.example.com/movies/Star Trek is Great/20130712" the views template page comes us.

Some where along the way I am missing something. Any help out there?

FYI - I also have simply set the contextual filter on Content:Title with Display all results for the specified field Checked "Override title" and added %1 as the first argument Seleced "lowercase" for the Case PATH Selected "transform spaces to dashes in url"

But nothing worked :(


The issue is the following:

When you go to www.example.com/movies/star-trek-great/20130702 Drupal sees that this is a path alias to node/#, and it displays that node. It won't use Views at all.

When you go to www.example.com/movies/Star Trek is Great/20130712, this does not map to any URL, but rather to the View sitting at www.example.com/movies with an contextual filter of Star Trek is Great (and 20130712 most probably).

You may have some other issues to work out as well:

Pathauto is taking out the is (and other small words by default) so there will be a bit of a hard time mapping star-trek-great to Star Trek is Great.

Also, what happens if you have a title of Star Trek is Great!!! that maps to star-trek-great as well?

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