I am using "site map" module and I would like to add the following jQuery line so that the /sitemap page is formatted:

$('#mydiv').columnize({ width: 200 , columns: 3 });

The /sitemap page is not trapped within either hook_form_alter or hook_page_alter so how could I add this JQuery line?


The site_map module has a theme template implementation in the root folder of the module:


Easiest and most sustainable way to add this would be to copy this file to your theme templates folder, add your javascript in there and flush caches.

Other quick ways:

  • Create a block and add your javascript in there then place this in a region on the path '/sitemap'
  • Create your own preprocess_page module that adds this javascript if the path is /sitemap
  • so after copying the site-map.tpl.php file to my theme templates folder then an example of adding would be like the following correct? <?php drupal_add_js('jQuery().ready(function(){("#mydiv").columnize({ width: 200 , columns: 3 });});', 'inline'); ?> – John Mitchell Jul 15 '13 at 16:27
  • no - you would be better of adding it inline, using just html & script tags. you shouldn't modify the headers in a template file, if you want to do that add a preprocess_page function. – schnippy Jul 15 '13 at 16:38

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