What is the difference between ctools_export_crud_load/ctools_export_crud_load_all and ctools_export_load_object and under what use case should one use one or the other?



Load a single exportable object.


Load all exportable objects of a given type.


Load some number of exportable objects.

The first two are just shortcut functions to ctools_export_load_object() (with a bit of setup logic) ctools_export_load_object() is a more complicated function that can filter the required exportables by various criteria. The main point of interest as I can see it is that the first two accept a $reset parameter to reset the exportable(s)'s caches, whereas ctools_export_load_object() doesn't accept that parameter.

Basically, I'd say if the exportables you need to load can't be queried by using ctools_export_crud_load() or ctools_export_crud_load_all(), then use ctools_export_load_object(). Otherwise use one of the former functions, as they handle some of the necessary setup for you.

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