My content type (product) has a date field named Expired Date. All I want is like this:

check value of expired date field from content type product. If value equal to 7 days from now, send mail with list of node title and node url.

How to do this with Rules? or any suggestion modules?


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Yes you could do this through rules granted the product expiration date is a field.

  1. Create a new rule to run on cron maintenance tasks

  2. Condition--> has field name

  3. Pick your field name

  4. Action--> execute custom PHP.

I don't know what your level of PHP experience is so I'll hold off on putting any code down, but the next step would be to write a short snippet of PHP that takes the sites current datetime and checks the values of your chosen field for values that are 7 days away from expiration (rules should give you tokens for both items).

  1. Then in that same custom PHP area use rules_action_mail() to send the email out with the results (for reference: https://drupal.org/node/322834).

You could also do this with a SQL query in the PHP area: http://www.barnettech.com/content/dbquery-drupal-creating-sql-queries-drupal-way . Just run through your field in the database and check for the values you need, then return the results in the mail message.

If I were to do something like this, I would implement hook_cron() in a custom module: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules!system!system.api.php/function/hook_cron/7 vs. using Rules since it would require less steps.

Edit: As requested:

See here to make a Drupal 7 module: https://drupal.org/node/1074360

Using hook_cron would go something like:

function mymodule_cron(){

function myfunctions(){
//do cool stuff

As far as what would go into "myfunctions", it would probably be a query on the database, returning those results, then sending those results in an email with mail(). That would be it.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I will try it soon and let you know. Can you please give me an idea about using hook_cron() with this situation..? I'm interested want to use custom module.. since my php level also good. :)
    – Dieyy
    Jul 16, 2013 at 20:27
  • See my edit above :-)! Jul 16, 2013 at 22:01

yes, it's posible only with rules and one more module, first you have to calculate in days the difference betwen date fields, here the solution, then, with rules-conditional module add an if, add a condition: your diff value calculated is > than 7, send your email.


I've saved this(Someone's else answer I can't remember) earlier because its the best way to do publish/unpublish content based on a date feild (which you can replace it with Send Mail) using Rules and sub-module (Rules Scheduler)

After you enable them follow these steps:

  • at /admin/config/workflow/rules/components/add
  • Create a ruleset (name it "Unpublish Content")
  • In the Settings/Variables:
  • Data type = "Node"
  • Label = "node"
  • Machine name = "node"
  • Save
  • ...next screen...Add rule
Name = "Unpublish Content Rule"
  • Save Conditions:
  • Content is published
Data selector = node
  • Save
Content is of type = node
  • Value = your-content type
  • Save Actions: 
- Unpublish content
  • Data selector = node
  • Save at /admin/config/workflow/rules
  • Create a rule (name it "Unpublish Rule" 
- React on event = After saving new content
  • Save Conditions:
  • Content is of type
  • Data selector = node
  • Value = your-content-type
  • Save Actions: 
- Schedule component evaluation 
- Component Value = Unpublish Content 
- Data selector = node:field-your-node-date-field
  • Identifier value = unpublish [node:nid] 
- node Data selector = node
  • Save

Good luck!

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