I've tried to preprocess a webform in order to convert the form items into an ordered list. My webform is composed of questions, and I want each question to be a enumerated list element.

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The problem is that I cannot find where to convert the <div> following the <form> into an <ol>, and the next nested <div> into an <li>. After navigating webform's source code I could not find a function that says "give me all the webform elements", for example. It all seems to work in the following order:

  • implement hook node load (load webform components)
  • implement hook node view (order webform components into a structure that is hard to modify?)
  • create form
  • render form using some theming functions

When I use the node preprocessor to alter the components (and attempt to insert a #type = item_list somewhere), it doesn't work. And when using one of the webform theming functions, the data structure comes in a way that is hard to modify. Example:

enter image description here

That variable that I tried to modify was the $variables['elements']['webform']['#form']['submitted'] in a hook_preprocess_node.

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Combine the following options

1/ Have a look at the theme functions in webform.module: * webform_element_wrapper * theme_webform_element * theme_webform_element_wrapper

2/ Make use of webform.tpl.php

Or try with jquery/css to alter the whole structure


Install Theme Developer and look for theming function name.

  • The second image in the question is from the variables in the theming function. Jul 27, 2011 at 20:25

If you just want it to look like a list, you can use css to style it.

#webform-client-form-70 .form-item {
  display: list-item;
  list-style-type: decimal;//for ordered list appearance 

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