I have a content type with multiple file attachments to download. Is there a module to give authors the ability to divide all the attachments into groups, writing a title for every group, just like they can reorder and name them in edit mode? The final node display should be something like this:

Group Title 1
. File n.1
Group Title 2
. File n.2
. File n.3

I've been searching for a while and found FileTree, but it's too complicated. Files shouldn't be managed physically, just displayed in groups.

Thanx in advance.


You can use Field group module. Create multi-value field group, with single-value Group title sub-field and multi-value File field inside. That's pretty much all.

  • I'm trying, but surely I do something wrong. I installed Field group and Field group multiple, created a Multiple fields container with a single text field and a multiple file field in it, but it doesn't work. All the files aren't shown on node page. Is there a documentation or a tutorial to read and understand where I go wrong?
    – Cheope
    Jul 18 '13 at 23:52

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