What's the difference between these ones in function names? I can overwrite each one in template.php, so?

  • You've missed a bit off that...it's template_process_/template_preprocess_. That's the difference - one is a theme function, one is process/preprocess function for the theme – Clive Jul 18 '13 at 13:51
  • So they used the word "template" instead of "theme" only to avoid names conflicts? – deem Jul 18 '13 at 13:55
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    I'm not sure, it's a good question! I can't comment on the motivation for naming those functions (they go back a few Drupal versions, before my time with the CMS) but I think it's a throwback from Drupal 5/6 php_template conventions or something similar. I've never questioned why they did it, just learnt which one to use when and where :) – Clive Jul 18 '13 at 13:58
  • What makes it slightly more confusing is that you can use MYMODULE_ instead of template_ or theme_ in a custom module for any module you write. So, essentially you can treat either of these as hook_ in a module. This isn't something I have a good grip on myself. I think I need to re-read @kiamlaluno's response a time or two more. Interesting question. – cdmo Jul 23 '13 at 20:57

The functions whose name start with theme_ are theme hooks, while the functions whose name start with template_ are preprocess and process functions implemented by the module that implements the relative theme hook.

For example, theme_image() is a theme hook that renders an image. template_preprocess_node() is the preprocess function implemented by the Node module, which the module implementing the node theme hook. (See the first code lines of node_theme(), the hook_theme() implementation done by the Node module.) There are other modules that can implement a preprocess function for the node theme hook, but for those modules, that preprocess function is named MYMODULE_preprocess_node(), not template_preprocess_node().

A theme can implement both a theme hook (see bartik_menu_tree()) and a preprocess function (see bartik_preprocess_node()). The difference is that bartik_menu_tree() overrides the default implementation (theme_menu_tree()) when the current theme is the Bartik theme, while bartik_preprocess_node() doesn't override template_preprocess_node(), but it is executed after it. (See the documentation for theme().)

As for using two prefixes, the reason is to documenting the purpose of the function. Even if theme_ were used in both the cases, the difference between theme_image() and theme_preprocess_node() would still be clear, but it would require you to read what follows theme_. With the current implementation, you just read the first word of the function name.

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