I have an interesting question. There is a custom module that defines form -> form validate and form submit

I am not allowed to touch this module, still I want to execute another custom action on submit (OR validate).

I have added $form['#validate'][]='_custom_validator'; in my hook_form_alter So the $form array has two functions that validate. And that seems to work, the problem is I have to "copy-paste" the validation code from the other module (the code inside hook_form_validate).(To prevent any incorrect form validation). This is considered as a bad design pattern.

Question: Is there somewhere a property that defines the order of the validations ?


  • The validation & submit handlers are called in the same order they're defined in the #validate and #submit properties. Chris Rockwell's answer is correct, and will run your validation first, and the module's own validation after. Jul 19, 2013 at 17:28

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You can use array_unshift to make sure your validation is called first:

array_unshift($form['#validate'], '_custom_validator');

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