I am using Internationalization module to translate content. How to get work this module with l function?

for example, when I create programatically link to content:

l(t('About us'), 'node/22');

I would like to achieve, that path 'node/22' will change when I switch website to another language. With Internationalization module, each translation of node creates another node, so I need to change paths in links on website.

For this time, I can create just if-else condition:

if ($language->language == 'en')
$output = l(t('About us'), 'node/22');
elseif (($language->language == 'de') 
$output = l(t('About us'), 'node/23');

IS it possible to use l function in that way, that I don't need to write else-if condition?

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There's no easy way to do this, but you can do something like this:

$nid = 22;
$node = node_load($nid);
if ($node) {
  $translations = translation_node_get_translations($node->tnid);
  $nid = isset($translations[$language->language]) ? $translations[$language->language]->nid : $nid;

Or use the Entity translation module, which relies on the ability of fields to have values in multiple languages and then the node id doesn't change.


I would try:

l(t('About us'), t('node/22'));

and translate node/22 to node/23, but this maybe wrong it's just an idea.

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