I am trying to build a menu with taxonomy terms and views.

Lets say that I have a tree of taxonomy terms

  1. Parent-1
    • child-1.1
      • grandchild-1.1.1
        • greatgrandchild-
        • greatgrandchild-
      • grandchild 1.1.2
    • child-1.2
      • grandchild 1.2.1
        • greatgrandchild-
        • greatgrandchild-
      • grandchild 1.2.2

I am having problems viewing only the children of the taxonomy menu. I want to exclude the current level, and only see the children, not the grandchildren of an item. So for instance.

When I am viewing child-1.1, I only want to see grandchild-1.1.1 and grandchild-1.1.2, not any of the great grand children. I don't want to see child-1.2 or the parents.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Can you set up your Taxonomy view to accept the argument Parent term and pass it the current term? I don't know how complex your view is, but I got it to work in this basic example:

View type: Term
Add arguments: Taxonomy: Parent term
Action to take if argument is not present: Hide view / Page not found (404)
Validator: Taxonomy term
Argument type: Term ID
Add fields: Taxonomy: Term Term

That will display only the current term's children, i.e. those that have the current term as a parent.

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    Hi Jan, I was wondering if you could tell me were View Type, Add Arguments, and add field was? I thought you referred you contextual filter Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) but I could not find them. Thank you
    – znat
    Apr 21, 2012 at 21:22

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