I am using the Drupal Feeds module to download the feeds from an external site. I have setup a dedicated content type to pull the feeds and then created nodes of another content type for the individual feed items.

After updating the site recently I noticed that the site was using the CPU continuously so much so that the hosting tech support notified me about it.

I proceeded to limit the frequency with which the feeds were being pulled but the CPU usage remained constant and I was finally forced to disable cron.php.

This never happened before the update.

Checking the dblog I noticed that the JobScheduler initiated the feed pull (I had set the watchdog to print the title of each node being created) and was repeating this scenario every minute 24x7.

I have not figured out what is causing this issue or from where to start?

Any possible solutions guys?

Site runs on Drupal 6.

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If you are in shared hosting, then it is the right time to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server.

I had a same issue How to control resource usage of my website? , better you can remove the unwanted bots. You need to see the Access Log in your hosting control panel.

try disabling your modules one at a time to decide when the load time gets really high and remove the unwanted modules and also it delete from modules folder.

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