Are there any responsive lightbox options for drupal? There are plenty of lightboxes that support fixed widths?

Are there currently any that are designed for mobile in mind?

  • Check this if it helps: drupal.org/node/1630630 , however the lightbox2 works well in the mobile, are you using static height and width for the lightbox? – Ankit Agrawal Oct 20 '13 at 19:05

Lightbox2 Swipe Gestures Support Adds swipe gesture support for Lightbox2. This makes a lot of sense on mobile or responsive pages, because the "Next" an "Prev" Buttons are only visible on hover.

Adds swipe gesture support to the well known Lightbox2 module for mobiles. Just swipe left or right on galleries to show the previous or next element!


Ended up using flexbox.

Reveal in the Zurb Foundation theme is another option.

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