I'm creating blocks in modules and wish to have the block body (content) editable by admins. I'm using hook_block_configure and hook_block_save to accomplish this. Where is a good place to store the block body when edited by the admin (variable is apparently not suitable for larger values like this)?

I was thinking of just creating a custom table in hook_schema but that seems a lot for just one or two rows of data. Plus I would be doing this for several modules that need to provide blocks but also have their content editable by the admin. That's why it would be nice if there was a general storage table like variable but for larger values.

What would be a better way to accomplish this?

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Have you looked at Nodeblock?

There is not a general storage table like variable for larger values.

I would consider creating a content type; using the nodes from that content type to programmatically create the blocks, using taxonomy to get finer control if necessary; then admins can just edit the block content like they would a node.

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