I'm trying to build my own sorting function implementing hook_facetapi_sort() and sorting the following data by weight.

name, weight
dog, -2
cat, 1
zebra, -5
dolphin, 3
bee, 5

The code I wrote so far is the following one.

function zoo_facetapi_sort_animal(array $a, array$b) {
  $a = db_query("select weight from {animal} where name = :a", array(':a' => $a['#markup']))->fetchAssoc();
  $b = db_query("select weight from {animal} where name = :b", array(':b' => $b['#markup']))->fetchAssoc();

  $a_value = (isset($a['weight'])) ? $a['weight'] : 0;
  $b_value = (isset($b['weight'])) ? $b['weight'] : 0;

  return strnatcmp($b_value, $a_value);

The result is what I expected.


I get the following error message.

Warning: uasort(): Array was modified by the user comparison function in FacetapiWidget->applySorts() (line 230 of /var/www/zoo.dev/sites/all/modules/facetapi/plugins/facetapi/widget.inc)

How do I avoid getting that message?

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Register your own function as FacetAPI sort callback. Then select it in the FacetAPI sort order.



NB: You also accidentally collapsed the space between array and $b

function zoo_facetapi_sort_animal(array $a, array$b) {...}

 * Implements hook_facetapi_sort_info
function zoo_facetapi_sort_info() {
  $sorts = array();

  $sorts['active'] = array(
    'label' => t('Animal ...'), 
    'callback' => 'zoo_facetapi_sort_animal', 
    'description' => t('Sort by whether the animal is ...'), 
    'weight' => -50,

  return $sorts;

function zoo_facetapi_sort_animal(array $a, array $b) {

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