I created a view which displays users on my site. Using "Rewrite results" I displayed the first name and Surname in one column. I then checked "Output this field as a link".

My challenge is what path will I enter into the "Link Path" field to ensure that the names in the column link to the user profiles.

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By default, user profiles are at user/UID, where UID is the numeric user ID. (This is true unless you are using a module like Pathauto to customize the profile URLs.)

So, one way to do this is to:

  1. Add the numeric user ID field to your view. Make sure to check exclude from display so it won't actually be shown in the view.
  2. Reorder the fields in the view so that the user ID field comes before the field for which you want to rewrite results.
  3. The value of the user ID field will now be available as a token in "Rewrite results." So, you can use the token to create a link to the user profile like this: user/[uid] (the actual token may be slightly different).

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